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 Los graduados

Category: Recreation and leisure general
Counter time: 24 Apr 2014 03:41
Time zone: GMT-03:00


 Measuring since …15 March 2012
 Total number of page views up till now553,086
 Busiest day so far19 December 2012
 Page views27,045
 Page views yesterday11
 Page views today0
 CategoryRecreation and leisure general

Forecast for today

On average 4 percent of the daily page views are made before 3:41.
Based on the number of page views of 0 today so far, today your site may have 0 page views (+/- 0).

Heat Map

Last 10 visitors - More

1.21 April23:48Cablevision, Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2.22 April01:15Telmex Colombia S.A., Dosquebradas, Cundinamarca, Colombia
3.22 April10:41Telecom Argentina S.A., Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina
4.22 April17:12Telecom Argentina S.A., Yerba Buena, Tucuman, Argentina
5.22 April21:27Telecom Argentina S.A., Jujuy, Argentina
6.22 April23:58Telecom Argentina S.A., Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina
7.23 April01:00Telecomunicaciones S.A. E.S.P., Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
8.23 April09:27Telecom Argentina S.A., Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina
9.23 April09:41Telecom Argentina S.A., Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina
10.23 April19:23Telecom Argentina S.A., Jujuy, Argentina

Visitor map


Page views per day

 28 March 2014, Friday3
 29 March 2014, Saturday5
 30 March 2014, Sunday7
 31 March 2014, Monday2
 1 April 2014, Tuesday4
 2 April 2014, Wednesday15
 3 April 2014, Thursday16
 4 April 2014, Friday2
 5 April 2014, Saturday8
 6 April 2014, Sunday10
 7 April 2014, Monday13
 8 April 2014, Tuesday4
 9 April 2014, Wednesday10
 10 April 2014, Thursday7
 11 April 2014, Friday4
 12 April 2014, Saturday2
 13 April 2014, Sunday6
 14 April 2014, Monday1
 15 April 2014, Tuesday15
 16 April 2014, Wednesday16
 17 April 2014, Thursday1
 18 April 2014, Friday1
 19 April 2014, Saturday0
 20 April 2014, Sunday4
 21 April 2014, Monday17
 22 April 2014, Tuesday8
 23 April 2014, Wednesday11
 24 April 2014, Thursday0

Country of origin

1. Argentina491,17188.8 %
2. Uruguay14,4242.6 %
3. Spain11,4062.1 %
4. United States8,4161.5 %
5. Colombia4,5480.8 %
6. Chile3,3470.6 %
7. Brazil2,6010.5 %
8. Mexico2,4740.4 %
9. Israel1,8660.3 %
10. Peru1,3140.2 %
 The rest11,5192.1 %
 Total553,086100.0 %

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