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Motigo offers you personal online customer support to help you make the most of your site! Our support team will personally answer all your questions regarding the installation and use of all motigo services. Feel free to contact us anytime you have a question or suggestion about our tools. We provide support in English, German, Dutch and Spanish.

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What is the ''Account Overview''

The Account Overview is your personal motigo account, where you have an overview of all your motigo services. To get an overview of all your motigo webstats counters, please go to your Account Overview and click on “Webstats”. To change your personal details go to “Edit my details”. Of course you are the only one who has access to your “Account Overview”. To log in you need a username and password.

Which operating system and which software do I have to use?

It is possible to use Motigo Webstats on any platform and with any browser.

Does Motigo Webstats have any impact on the performance of my site?

No, the program to sample your visitor data is mainly executed on the Motigo Webstats server to make sure your website performance is not being degraded. We need to perform a few requests on order to collect the data for the statistics. However, they will only have a minor effect on the performance.

Is everyone allowed to make use of Motigo Webstats?

Yes, every website is allowed to use the web measurement services from Motigo Webstats. We welcome commercial as well as private websites to join our network and use our free statistic tools.

Why does my site not appear on the top list?

We daily compile the top list based on the visits of the websites on the previous day. It is not based on the total number of visitors a website ever received. Please also make sure that you check the top list of your country.

Are the statistics reliable?

Once the Motigo Webstats code is placed correctly in your html code, the measurements are registered reliably. We also steadily invest in server, backup, and network infrastructure, so loss of data is very unlikely.

How does Motigo Webstats work?

Once you have inserted the counter code into the html of your website, an icon appears on the page. Each time a visitor views a page on your site, the icon is retrieved from our servers and the visitor shows up in the statistics. The information we collect is prepared in tables and graphs, which are available at www.webstats.motigo.com. There you can also compare your site with other sites in your category or change the settings of your counter.

How can I check my statistics?

Click on the icon that appears after installing the counter code in your html. This will take you to the page with your statistics. Another option is to click on the webstats icon in your Account Overview or in “My Counters”.

Is it possible to protect the statistics so that only I have access to them?

By default, Motigo Webstats is public: everyone can see your statistics by clicking on the icon. You can make your statistics private by enabling the "Private Statistics" option in the "Edit" panel of the counter. Enabling "Private Statistics" will also remove your counter from the catalog within appx. 24 hours.

How many websites can I measure with Motigo Webstats?

There's no limit! However you have to create a new counter for every website you want to have measured.

How do I update my counter code?

Just get a new code for your counter in your motigo account and replace the old one. This is how you get your counter code:
1. Login to motigo
2. Click on "Webstats"
3. Click on "show html code" after the counter's name
4. Copy the code and paste it in your website


I'm having problems logging in because I forgot my password / my e-mail address is no longer active / I lost the account name. What should I do?

You can ask for a new password at http://motigo.com/account/forgotpassword. Just enter the email address that you used to register your account. Besides receiving a new password you will also receive your account name. It is important that you keep your e-mail address always up to date. If your e-mail address changes please update this information in “Edit my details” on your Account Overview.

I want to change my password. What should I do?

To change your password just go to http://motigo.com/account/changepassword.

Where can I change my personal settings?

You can see and change your personal settings in your Account Overview. Just click on “Edit my details”, change the data and click on “Update my details” to save the changes.

My URL has changed. Can I use the same counter for my new URL?

You can still use your Motigo Webstats counter even if your domain/URL has changed. To change the counter settings go to your Account Overview and click on the tool icon next to the counter you want to edit. You can then change your counter’s settings, such as URL, title or category. Click on “Save changes” to save these changes. This will only change your counter’s settings and there will be no loss of statistical data.

Do I have to delete my account if I don't use the counter anymore?

To change or delete counters just click on “Webstats” on your Account Overview. If you wish to delete your motigo account, please contact motigo Support.

How can I change my category?

To view and change your counter’s settings go to your Account Overview and click on the tool icon next to the counter you want to edit. You can then change your counter’s settings, such as URL, title or category. Click then on “Save changes”. This will only change your counter’s settings and there will be no loss of statistical data.


How do I implement the counter in my website?

Implementing the Motigo Webstats counter is really easy. You have to move the whole counter code to the body (between <body> and </body> tags) of the webpage. If you use an HTML editor you have to add the code as a script. Because this sometimes doesn't work we advise you to implement the counter with a simplified program like notepad. Just open the html of your website and find the </body> tag, then place the counter code above the </body> tag.

The counter isn't working, what should I do?

The motigo webstats counter will only work if the counter code is exactly the same as the one provided by motigo. Please insert the counter code on your site again without modifying it. Please check if your website allows JavaScript. The counter will not work on sites where JavaScript is blocked.

I receive the following error message: "The counter code appears to be damaged (errno=X)"

The motigo webstats counter will only work if the counter code is exactly the same as the one provided by motigo. Please insert the counter code on your site again without modifying it.

I get an error message with the text "Forbidden URL". What does it mean?

There might have been problems in the past with a URL like the one you have. Please get in touch with the support at supportEN@webstats.motigo.com when this happens.

I have lost the counter code. Can I recover it?

Yes. Just go to your Account Overview and click on “Webstats” and you will see a list of all your counters. Click then on “Show html code” and you will get to the page with the code of your counter.


What are page views and visits in the statistics?

Page views is the view of one page in your website - every time a page is loaded, this is considered a Page View. It doesn't make any difference if it is the same user visiting the page or not. Visits are the number of individual visits to your website. This statistic is based on recognition of a browser cookie in the visitor's browser. Therefore, the visitor is not counted again if he has already been visiting the site within the last 24 hours.

In the statistic menu item "Where do visitors come from" what does the information in the subsection "Providers/domains" mean?

Based on up to the last 300 visitors of your site here you can see how many of those visitors originated from a specific provider.

Is it possible to exclude my own visits on my website?

Yes. You can exclude your own visits by clicking the "Exclude my own visits" button on the "My Counters" page. This works by setting a browser cookie. If you delete your browser cookies, switch browser, or use another computer, then you must enable the "Exclude my own visits" function again.

The statistic menu item "How do visitors come to my site" does not work. What can be the cause?

If you use a URL redirection service, which uses methods such as "Meta Refresh", "URL Cloaking", "Frame Redirect", or "JavaScript redirection", these methods destroy the referrer information that motigo webstats uses to register from which site you visitors come. If you need both redirection and knowledge of which sites your visitors arrived from, we recommend that you use a "HTTP redirection" service instead. "HTTP", HTTP Status", or "3xx" redirection services preserve the referrer information and allows motigo webstats to register how visitors come to your site. For more information about the different types of redirection, please read also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URL_redirection

The counter states zero. What can be the reason?

The motigo webstats counter will only work if the counter code is exactly the same as the one provided by motigo. Please insert the counter code on your site again without modifying it. Please check if your website allows JavaScript. The counter will not work on sites where JavaScript is blocked.

When does the information in the menu items "Via which link" and "Via which search engine" change?

The data shown for "via which search engine" and "via which link" is based on the collected information from visitors to your website during either the last 7 days or the most recent 100 page views, whichever number is reached first. The data is updated for very page view.

I use different measurement systems and the results from those systems differ. How is that possible?

Some counters differ in the definitions of page view and visit; these counters may give alternative results. For example, Motigo Webstats does not count visits from search robots and other web crawlers.

Is it possible to sort the data by name, result etc?

No, this is not an option at the moment. However you can compare the counters of your account with each other by clicking on “Webstats” on your Account Overview.

Is it possible to show the total visitor number on my webpage?

Yes. We provide a Live Counter which shows the actual total page view count, as well as the count for today and yesterday.

Is it possible to see the results per week, month or year?

Yes. Just click on the button “This site’s statistics” on your statistic page and choose the item “Traffic Tracking” in the pulldown menu. Here you can see the statistics of your page per day, week, month or year.

How often is the information in the statistic menu item "What technology do people use" getting updated?

The information about what browsers, operating system or plugins the visitors uses is based on the last 300 page views.

My counter is deleted without any notice, what can I do?

If a counter has been deleted by Motigo Webstats please get in touch with support within one week. If the counter is used within our terms and conditions (http://wwebstats.motigo.com/terms/) it can be reactivated.


I am using an Apple Macintosh and do have problems accessing Motigo Webstats

During the initial launch of Motigo Webstats there were some small problems using the menu with older browser versions (mainly on Apple Macintosh computers). These problems have been resolved by now. Please contact us if should you still experience any of them. Please make sure you provide us with information about your computer platform, your browser version, your username, the e-mail address you used for opening your account and the URL where the counter is implemented into your html-code.

I would like to combine two counters under one account. What are the possibilities?

With your motigo account you can create and administrate as many counters as you want.

How can I transfer a counter from one account to another account?

If you would like to transfer counters from one account to another, please contact motigo support at: supportEN@webstats.motigo.com

Is it possible to measure 2 pages with the same counter?

The Motigo Webstats counter is limited to one web site. Within that site, you can use it on any number of pages. The counter does not differentiate between the pages.

Is it possible to get Motigo Webstats in another language?

We offer our users to view statistics in 5 different languages: English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish. In “Edit my details” you can see and change your account language. The default language for the statistic page will be always the same as the browser’s language on which the page is being viewed. You can change this by clicking on “language” on the grey bar at the top of the page.

I would like to have an icon on my website next to your counter with the number of visitors. Is that possible?

No, we do not offer this feature.

I can't find my own website in the catalogue (in a certain category). How is that possible?

Possibly you haven't generated enough hits to be shown in the top 1000 per category. If you reach more impressions, your website will be shown in the top list.

Is it possible to reset the counter?

The counters cannot be reset. We advise you to make a new counter and replace the old one.

Does Motigo Webstats still offer me all the data Nedstat Basic did?

There is no difference in the quantity of available data. Javascript must be enabled to be able to use the statistic site. If you experience problems accessing the statistics please contact the support at supportEN@webstats.motigo.com.

Is it possible to show the total visitors, or the visitors per day, through an asp-script?

No, we do not offer this feature.

I don't want to receive any E-mails any longer. What do I have to do?

Please use the opt-out link in our newsletter.

How can I reach Motigo Webstats?

You can get in touch with us at info@webstats.motigo.com, and we provide support for you in Dutch, English, German and Spanish:

English: supportEN@webstats.motigo.com

Dutch: supportNL@webstats.motigo.com

German: supportDE@webstats.motigo.com

Spanish: supportES@webstats.motigo.com

Advertising on Motigo Webstats?

Motigo Webstats is a 100% FREE version for all webmasters. In order to finance the maintenance, hosting, new developments and to continue providing you with the world’s best FREE web analytics tool in the market, Motigo Webstats will accept advertising sponsorships. These conditions are stated in our Terms of Use (http://motigo.com/about/terms) and have also been communicated in on the front page of the reporting site as well as in our newsletters to all webmasters in August and September 2005. These advertising sponsorships can appear as a pop-up or pop-under advertisement or slide-in flash format, and will at no point be implemented directly into your website as banners, buttons, links or similar. We will keep sponsorships at a reasonable level by using frequency capping and always bear the user experience in mind by serving campaigns maintaining a code of conduct relating to the types of advertising we will accept. This means that users will not be exposed to the same ad many times and, importantly that no-one gets bombarded with ads. Advertising is hosted and launched from Motigo Webstats servers and will thereby not effect the performance of the individual website on which the user is surfing. It is our intention to provide the best experiences for websites, advertisers and end-users in our Motigo Webstats network and for the web measurement service. It is our intention to provide the best experiences for websites, advertisers and end-users in our motigo webstats network and for the web measurement service.


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